For many years I have been looking for the ultimate remote access tool. I did find some good tools to do that, but the problem was their price tags. I wanted something inexpensive, easy to use and reliable. That product is LogMeIn.

LogMeIn has both Free and Premium versions. LogMeIn Basic is a freeware, and allows you to install the client onto a single machine that can be access via the LogMeIn website through a browser. With a small memory footprint, the program does not interfere if you leave it up while you decide to load up a game. It allows users to gain access to their computer from a remote location, even if both sides are behind a firewall.


While the free version is nice, being an IT guy I really appreciate the LogMeIn IT Reach product. The IT Reach product allows administrators to install not only the remote access tools on a server or client workstation, but also get vital system statistics from those systems such as hard drive space used/left, CPU usage, running applications, and much more.


If you need access to a computer from home, work or anywhere else in the world but don’t want to pay the high-fees that other services charge, check out LogMeIn. It’s by far the best remote desktop and system monitoring tool available on the market today at a price that will simply make you smile.

You can create a free account for accessing your remote PC here.

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