For whatever reasons, we always desire for some of the cheesiest Text Effects for the beautiful typefaces we create. I don’t expect everyone to like all these, to some these may not be the best tutorials on the web, but certainly they are some of the best around. The Photoshop RoadMap had done the initial groundwork, and I have added few more to the original list.

Click on each image to read the tutorials

Liquid text Liquid text Liquid text
Liquid text Liquid text Liquid text
Liquid text Liquid text Liquid text
Liquid text Oily text water text
Raindrops text Frost text Snow on text
Ice text Glass text Glass text
Aqua text Plastic text Gel text
Transparent plastic text Plastic text Plastic text
Shiny plastic text Midnight text Tin foil text
Highlighted chrome Chrome text Chrome text
Chrome text Lorelei Gold and ruby text
Gold text Ancient rough gold text Rusty text
Toxic waste text Radioactive Text Grunge text
Grunge rubberstamo text Graffiti text Graffiti text
Watercolor text Flower text Stones text
Chiselled rock text Writing in sand text Neon text
Electric arc text Shocking text Fire flames text
Lava and fire text Light burst text Explosion text
3D text 3D text 3D text
3D text 3D text Superman 3D text
3D chrome text Bling text Chained text
Spikes text Barbed wire text Bladed text
Layered text Wrapped up text Candy text
Photo inside text Furry text Tree with leaves text
Cactus text Cigarette text Cereal box text
Cheetos bag text Jaguar text Halftone text
Combined text Guts text effect Text with blood
Pizza text Strawberry text Jelly text
LCD display text Digital text Laser cut metal text

If you have created a cool text effect and you believe it should be mentioned in this list, just leave a comment with the link to your tutorial or resource in the comments section.

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