Many times searching a subtitle for a movie we have (especially ripped ones) proves time consuming. Instead of searching for subtitles manually, you can use Sublight to search and add subtitles in an easy to use interface.

Sublight is directly connected to the Subtitles On Net community which maintains a large database of subtitles. You can directly search for subtitles or you can use the option to pick a local video file and search for its subtitle. This has the additional benefit that both can be played in your favorite media player right away without having to move the subtitle into the right directory on your pc!


The search for the subtitle is almost flawless. Moreover, it is possible to change a few settings to decrease the time it takes to find the right subtitle to add. Filter for languages option is provided to ease your search.


Sublight provides a very convenient way to search for and add subtitles. The database is large enough to hold most popular movies in it.

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