GMail’s looks are still the same after all these years and if you are one of those who have got bored with those simple and no-nonsense looks, here is an open source add-on which can add themes and jazz-up the Google’s email service, provided you have Mozilla Firefox installed as your browser!

Canadian firm Globex Designs has been working on an open source project called Gmail Redesigned to revive the looks of Gmail while using Firefox. They’ve come up with a stylish add-on for Gecko browsers like Firefox and Flock to help you change the way Gmail looks.

Gmail Redesigned is designed to work with the newer and older versions of Gmail and designed to work with any language currently supported by Google.


If this Gmail make-over idea interests you, here’s a quick guide to help you get started with this nifty add-on to your Gecko browser. Before you get going, do note that you must use Firefox 2.0+ or Flock 1.0+. Although the extension can be installed on Firefox 2.0 and Flock 1.0, it’s recommended that you use the latest versions.


To Install

1. Select the type of style to download above: Standard, Embedded or Developer
2. Click on Install
3. Right-click the Stylish icon in the bottom right corner of the browser
4. Click on “Add File to Stylish”

To Update

1. Right-click the Stylish icon in the bottom right corner of the browser
2. Click on “Manage Styles”
3. Click on “Find Updates”
4. If there is an update for the Gmail Redesigned style, it will appear in the list


To know more about Gmail Redesigned, visit Globex Designs.

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