What if someday Flickr is blocked in your school/office and almost all your photo albums are on Flickr? You would want to move all of them into Picassa at once. What if you were notified that your image hosting site will cease its operations as in the case of AOL Pictures? That’s only two scenarios where Migratr comes in handy. That tiny software program helps users migrate their photos between image hosting sites. A wide variety of image hosters are supported currently such as Flickr, Picasa Web, SmugMug and AOL Pictures.

The process obviously requires authentication and that’s the first step in the process. After picking one of the available image hosting sites the user has to enter his login credentials for authentication purposes.

Once the credentials have been supplied Migratr begins to download all photos from the selected image host to the local computer. Another authentication is required to be able to export the photos again to the new image hosting site.


It’s just a matter of selecting the folder where the photos have been saved into and hitting the Start Export button. The software works pretty well and I did not experience any problems while using it.

It provides a nice way to backup your photos from those image hosting sites if you just complete the first three steps of the procedure.

Migratr requires the Windows .Net framework 3.5 and should be running on pretty much every Windows NT compatible operating system. Tried and tested on Windows XP where it worked fine.

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