The long awaited Direct-to-Home service from Reliance ADAG will be launched on Tuesday. Reliance will be starting with a basic offering of about 200 channels. The price will be an aggressive Rs.200-250.

Reliance will be using the MPEG-4 technology for compression in their DTH platform. MPEG-4 is an advanced technology that allows upto 30% more channels on the same transponder. The established players of the market, Dish TV and Tata Sky use MPEG-2 technology. However, the choice of technology only affects the number of channels that can be delivered and not the audio-visual reception quality.


DTH war in India is heating up. Besides Reliance, Bharti will also be entering the DTH market soon. With cable TV prices skyrocketing and the reception quality downgrading, DTH seems like the only viable option. Many have opted for it already, and the aggressive marketing by the players is turning the heads of the rest. ADAG sure can get aggressive on the price front. Let’s see how Bharti plays its game now.

Do let me know your comments / feedbacks about the Reliance’s DTH service.

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