Assume that your home-made video is in DVD format and to share a 3.5GB files just doesn’t quite make any sense, you’ll need to convert and reduce the size while maintaining the same quality before you share it with your relatives and friends. This can be done with some free open source software found online.

First, you’ll need 4 types of software, they are:

  • DVD Decrypter [Download]
  • AGK [Download]
  • AVImux_GUI [Download]
  • K-lite Codec Pack [Download]

Step 01 – Install

Download all the four software and install, if you already have the K-lite Codec pack installed you can leave this one out.

Step 02 – Copy the DVD files to your hard disk

Rip your home-made video DVD to your hard drive using DVD Decrypter, this program allows you to store the DVD video to your hard drive, make sure you have enough disk space.

For a complete tutorial on how to use DVD Decrypter please visit this link. When you’re done, proceed to step 3.

Step 03 – Convert the DVD to AVI format (Ripping)

Execute Auto Gordian Knot, it should look like the one below. The program is very simple to use. Basically what is going to happen is that you’ll choose the files you just ripped into your hard drive and then hit the convert button.

For a complete guide on how to use Auto Gordian Knot, please follow the step by step tutorial.

Step 04 – Converting

The ripping process will take quite a while, be patient while you’re at it.

For a complete and more comprehensive tutorial, visit the official website, it consist in depth tutorials on how to backup your movies and home-made video from DVD to fit a 700MB CD without losing the quality.

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