Yesterday I got a mail from Vodafone informing the launch of iPhone in India and I was shocked to see the pricing. It will be INR 31,000 for 8GB and INR 36,100 for 16GB that’s roughly translates to $712!

1. I can’t understand who would be buying the iPhones at this senseless Prices.
2. The pricing is excluding the data/call plan charges!!
2. Rs. 31k for a 8GB model? and Rs. 36k for 16GB. LOL!
4. They are asking me to “book” the iPhone by paying INR 10,000! so that I need not “wait” in the queue. I am literally rolling off the floor laughing reading this. Do they really expect a “rush” for buying iPhones? Heights of greediness I must say.
5. Also, you will need to show the iPhone booking SMS, which was sent by Vodafone. I am not sure how many people who pre-booked it still has the SMS!
6. There is no mention on the pre-paid or post paid plans. Vodafone website says that if you are en existing customer, you can book your iPhone directly, so it means it can be used with existing SIM card.
7. According to Apple, music and video downloads from Apple’s iTunes music store would not be available to Indian customers, though customers will be able to download applications from the App Store.


Unconfirmed Reports has these details on the data plan from Vodafone-

Vodafone offers no “unlimited data” plan for iPhone users. That means if you exhaust your monthly data usage, be prepared to shell out an extra Rs 5 per MB of data exchanged.

The monthly rent for iPhone will range from Rs 500 to Rs 1000 depending on your Internet requirements. The lower plan will provide you with 50 MB of free data usage while the upper 1000 plan provides 600 MB of data usage.

This above plans are for postpaid customers. If you want to go for a prepaid iPhone connection, there’s a special data card that is available for a monthly rent of Rs 100 but provides no free data usage.

The SMS and local / STD call charges on iPhone will more or less be the same as existing tariffs offered by Vodafone.

Let’s do some maths. If you are heavy web user, the overall cost would work something like this – Rs 36000 (for handset) + Rs 12000 (yearly rent) + Call Charges + Extra data charges + Taxes.

Contrast that with a BlackBerry Curve from Airtel – Rs 23000 (for headset) + Rs 6000 (yearly rent with unlimited data) + Call Charges + Taxes.

I am yet to get the iPhone pricing from Bharti Airtel. I will update this post once I get to know about it.
Update: No good news from Airtel as such. They have kept the same rates as Vodafone.

Nokia have announced the launch of N96 to go head to head with Apple’s iPhone 3G in India. So you might want to consider that. Even the China make iPhone clones are available for INR 6k – 8k!! Check out this link for more details!

Even, Sony Ericsson has released an iPhone competitor W960i

So will you be still getting the iPhone? Is this the cheaper iPhone 3G you’ve been waiting for?

Keep checking this post often for the latest updates.

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