RapidWarex is a new Rapidshare Tool which has been published at Google Code. The difference between this Rapidshare tool and many others is that it requires a Rapidshare Premium Account to function. Users without one cannot use it in this state. It’s a pretty advanced application for a 0.1 beta release. The menu and design looks clean and everything works well and without errors.

The username and password of a Rapidshare Premium Account have to be entered into the application before the other options become available. The software program supports simultaneous downloads from Rapidshare, a traffic check of the remaining free traffic of the account and day and secure login using https connections.


The program obviously supports a download queue. Links can be added by pasting them into the program interface or importing them from a link list. Links can also be exported to share them on the Internet.

RapidWareX requires the Microsoft .net Framework 2.0 to run.

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