Airtel and Apple have worked closer together on the iPhone 3G than previously known. In an interview with Indiatimes, Bharti Airtel’s CIO and IT director Jai Menon claimed that the Airtel version of the iPhone 3G was hacker-proof. Apparently the Airtel-specific applications on the iPhone have been developed closely with Apple and “suitable levels of security” have been taken to ensure that all Airtel Live and Airtel Apps applications remain out of “bounds for hackers”, Mr. Menon told the website. These operator-specific applications were build over a year’s time and were “pretty much a stealth exercise that transpired by leveraging Airtel’s service delivery platform”.

Airtel claims that even if a hacker manages to get another provider’s SIM card to work with an Airtel iPhone 3G, they would still be locked out of Airtel-specific applications.

We imagine a cheaper enterprise would be to hack an import iPhone 3G rather than an Indian piece. But this claim by Airtel might be enough incentive to get those hackers hacking away, just to prove Mr. Menon wrong.

Now, who cares if they can make Airtel-specific applications work on a jail-breaked iPhone? Moreover this claim of hacker-proof security is coming from Airtel, whose GPRS and Broadband have always proved to be susceptible to hacking!

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