Web Gradient helps you achieve that. It is a simple tool that makes it possible to create great looking colourful texts easily. This is done by creating the text and selecting the colors in the software program and exporting them either into html or bbcode which can then be pasted into forums, blogs or websites that support them.

It is more of a fun tool than a serious tool that the user would use on a daily basis. It is however well thought out and creates multi-colored texts speedily and perfectly. The tool is fully portable and can be executed from any location on the computer or external media.

The interface might look confusing at first glance because of the options and their placement but as I said earlier it is well thought out. The text can be entered or pasted in the top pane of the program. It does appear in the preview area as well immediately. The preview area reflects any changes made to the text in real time.


Colors are added in the lower half of the program interface. The interesting aspect is that a gradient is added to the text which can be altered by changing the colors of existing pegs or creating new pegs to add even more diversity.

Each color can be picked from a set of default colors or by using the whole color wheel which is just one click away. Each addition or change will have a direct impact on the text in the preview area. The user has a few choices like changing interpolation from the default cosine to flat or linear and to enable quantization. A color scheme can be saved to the computer so that the user can reuse it at a later time.

The two buttons Copy HTML and Copy BBCode copy the code to the clipboard from where it can be pasted into websites. The numbers behind both buttons are the chars that are used to create the effect.

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