Even though I have accounts in Flickr, Picassa and SmugMug, I hardly have any photos there, since I thought that online photo management process was too troublesome for the happy-go-lucky-shoot-everything amateur photographer like me!

Enter JetPhoto Studio and my opinion is changed for good. It is an all-in-one photo tool (available for Mac and Windows). This application is a bit unknown because developed by Chinese programmer. But unknown doesn’t mean bad because this app has tons of good features.


Beside the standard image management tools such as making photo album, editing (automatic enhancing, black and white color effect, sepia color effect), resizing images in batches, archiving and backing up photos, importing (from camera, webcam, scanner, and other storage location); JetPhoto Studio enables user to organize photos by notes, keyword tags, camera status tags, time and geographical location. It also let user manage their photos by dates – which to many people is easier.

JetPhoto Studio has geo-tagging capabilities with smooth integration with Google Earth and Google Map. I don’t go around much so I don’t use this feature, but for those of you who are phototraveller, this one is a treat.


Another features most users will appreciate are the ability to create photo gallery – JetPhoto can easily make beatiful flash slideshows as well as lightbox web galleries, screensavers and desktop wallpaper, photo slideshow for presentation, and small images by resizing and cropping photo to fit most handphones and PDAs. Printing photo is also a snap either using your own printer or JetPhoto online printing service. It works very well with the web. Uploading and resizing pictures for Flickr is a matter of clicking a button. Tags and Descriptions will be uploaded with photos, too.


For the adventurous ones, this application also comes with JetPhoto Server – a full-featured digital photo publishing service software based on PHP. With JetPhoto Server, anyone can establish his or her own standalone theme photo website quickly and freely.


To publish album to your web server, you can use WebSync. All uploaded pictures will be resized and stamped with watermark automatically while publishing. Once the album is published on web server, user can continually modify its content easily in JetPhoto Studio. The web-side online album will be updated and synchronized with the local album automatically, as long as WebSync is acted again.

Meanwhile, to manage your photo website, you can also use Website Manager, another module especially provided by JetPhoto Studio. For example, to set web page appearance for each online album, or to set an access password for the website.


I personally find JetPhoto Studio to be very helpful, and my Flickr free account is already showing the limitation nags. What’s your personal favorite for all-in-one photo management tool? Spill everything in the comments below.

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