Visit dukaDial to make phone calls to North America at absolutely Zero cost!! All you need to do is sign up, enter the number you want to dial, enter your own phone or mobile number and dial. This will create a phone call between the 2 numbers without any charges to either party. Indeed, a dream come true.

This all may sound too good to be true, but it really is. Straight from their FAQs:

dukaDIAL is a simple, user-friendly application allowing Internet users to make FREEE phone calls in North America using the Internet and your regular phone-no headphones, microphones or special hardware are needed to use dukaDIAL. dukaDIAL connects two regular North American telephone numbers, no matter if they are mobile or landline numbers. Your caller doesn’t have to be connected to the Internet to receive the call-she just has to pick up the phone when it rings!

Why is it free, you ask?

Yes! Phone to phone calls to numbers in North America using dukaDIAL are free of long distance or connection charges. We are offering this service to demonstrate the capabilities or our applications and network. There are no hidden fees.

It may sound as if it’s a VOIP service, but it’s not. The call is routed through a regular global public switched telephone network (PSTN). All you need is an Internet connection, a telephone or mobile number and a Jaduka account. You can save your contacts in the Jaduka dialer, view your call history and add and manage contacts. Since, it’s a demonstration of the capabilities of Jaduka’s applications and networks, it doesn’t seem to be a service that would last very long. But maybe it could. Anyhow, do give it a try, and remember there is a such a thing as a free meal in this world, and dukaDial is a good free meal!

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