The most annoying thing in Vista is the time it takes for staring up. XP is much better in this regard, but still I get irritated when I am forced to restart my PC. Most of the time this happens due to myself frequently installing things that i shouldn’t and end up trashing the PC which results in a restart.

Follow the tips below to “warm-boot” the windows instead of “cold booting” it!

Windows Vista: Select Start, then click on the padlock button icon and from there, hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the “Restart” choice.

Windows XP: Its pretty much the same. Select Start. Select “Shut Down” and Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the “Restart” button.

Update: Well, this tip is in error. It used to work in Windows 95/98, but it doesnโ€™t work anymore. I thought it did, but I was mistaken. I remember it working on XP SP1, but somehow its not working anymore.

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