No video recording
There’s no need to explain why something so simple and basic like this function is taken for granted in the times of Nokias, Samsungs, Sony-Ericssons, etc. Video recording is one of the main features that one expects from any smart phone these days. Most cellphone models are competing with each other to offer the best lenses, resolution and auto focus’. Sadly, this feature is missing here

MMS capability and SMS forward
In our country the usage of SMS and MMS are more than network calls. But iPhone does not support MMS services. You also cannot do something as simple as forward an SMS. Go figure. This is something that one takes for granted in any other phone. But look at it this way, at least this cell phone discourages people from forwarding all those terrible jokes and shayari

A2DP stereo headset not supported
What’s the point of having a great media player if one does not have an A2DP wireless stereo headset connectivity? In today’s age of Bluetooth stereo headsets, you are going to be stuck with a cord connecting you and your phone

No 3G. So what are you paying a packet for?
Presently 3G network capability does not exist in the country. So you will not be able to utilize the full capabilities of this handset for some more time. And just how many places in Mumbai have free Wi-Fi network? It’s like buying a Ferrari and trying to drive it in a village. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

This is the killer one. The iPhone is by far one of the most expensive smart phones in the Indian market. If you are shelling Rs 36,000 for the 16GB version, you better want it badly. Last heard, due to the ‘overwhelming’ response to the phone here, the service providers are considering setting up installment schemes of 6 or 12 months to ‘help’ you buy it

Network lock
OK, so I have gone through all the above. I understand that this is a unique phone and I don’t mind paying its full cost. But why should my phone be locked to either Airtel or Vodafone? Do they own my phone or do I? Abroad, handsets are locked to specific networks because they are subsidized by the service providers. (Reliance guys have been doing this over here quite successfully till date.) But that is not the case here

Well, in spite of the few reasons above, the iPhone is the one of the most innovative devices that have come out in recent times. The coolness factor is way up there. The sheer pleasure in using the touch sensor navigation is itself worth the price. You get one, rest assured, you will be the center of attention of any gathering. Just make sure you arrive before another iPhone owner does !

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