After moving this blog to a new host, I installed some new WordPress plugins which required me to know the Feedburner Id of my RSS feed. But my RSS URL ( doesn’t contain any ID as such.

Then I got to know that the Id is a numeric sequence such as 2263754. To find your Feedburner Id:

  • Login to your Feedburner account
  • Click on My Feeds
  • Click on the name of the appropriate feed (if you have more than one)
  • Click on Publicize.
  • Scroll down to Email Subscriptions in the left navigation.
  • Select the Feedburner radio button and then click on Activate.

Activation will generate an HTML email subscription link for you to place on your blog and which contains your Feedburner ID, such as: which renders as Subscribe to Technically Personal by Email.

Note that the feed ID in this particular case is 2263754.

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