If you’ve lost your phone and can’t seem to find it anywhere or if you are stuck with someone you don’t like and need someone to ring you up, but there’s no one available, check out This service is currently available only in Australia, but will soon add more countries. It will let you call your phone to know where it is.

You can program the site to call you at certain times of the day. This could be used as a wake up call, or a “get-out-of-here” call. If you’re in a meeting or a particularly bad date, you’ll be able to have the site call you so you can get out claiming that it’s an emergency 😉

The looks and UI of the site is very simple and is a major plus for someone like me, but in order to survive and attract more people, they need to add more countries to their list as soon as possible. Plus having a feature to call the cell phone will not be enough in a long run, they must come out with more exclusive features to beat the competition (remember getmooh?)

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