Most of the times, employees at work will not be able to download softwares from the internet which might not be related to the work they are doing. The companies’ firewalls act upon the files based upon the extensions.


This is where Download at Work steps in to help by routing the downloads through their own server by changing the extension type to something different which can escape the scanning eyes of the firewalls. You just need to paste the URL of the file that you are looking to download and then the link is generated on the same page, where you can customise the file name and the extension as per your liking.

The available extensions include zip, doc, pdf, xls and aaa.

Check it out – Link

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  1. ummm… you made me think again! But I believe those kind of URLs won’t be supported, since they are just encoded URLs which would redirect to the original URL. I do not think this website is capable enough to handle such scenarios. I might be wrong though!

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