If you are wondering how you can make your website or blog visitors save the web articles as PDF documents, then you must check out PDF online.

You just need to add a small JavaScript snippet in the blog templates, visitors can click the “Save Page as PDF” button and the current web page will be rendered as a PDF document.

The site is still in beta, but you can test out the service by using the script below

< function savePageAsPDF() { var pURL = "http://savepageaspdf.pdfonline.com/pdfonline/pdfonline.asp?cURL=" + escape(document.location.href); w indow.open(pURL, "PDFOnline", "scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes,width=640, height=480,menubar,toolbar,location"); >
Save Page As PDF

If you are allergic to deal with JavaScript, then you can directly embed the URLs in your blog posts without using any JavaScript. Just use the following values for cURL instead of encodeURIComponent(document.location.href)

Classic Blogger – <$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>
Blogger XML Template – data:post.url
WordPress –

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