Yahoo has come up with a web-based tool Smushit, which can perform multiple operations to shrink the graphics file sizes without any loss in clarity or visual appeal.

Smushit can be used to –

  • convert GIF images to the PNG format;
  • reduce the range of colors used in PNG files;
  • strip out textual metadata from JPEG images.

Web developers can upload images to the site, send it a Web site address, or install a Firefox extension that submits a particular Web site with the click of a button. The tool presents users with a downloadable package of the smaller images that can be substituted.


Perhaps Yahoo should try its own medicine. I ran the tool on the Smush It announcement page and found that Yahoo could be trimmed away 23.6 percent of its graphics heft, saving 20KB of data. The Yahoo Developer Network page could be pared down 9.2 percent, saving 19.5KB!!

Link: www.smushit.com


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