One of the most popular WordPress plugins in the recent times, YARP (Yet Another Related Posts plugin) has added an amazing and unique feature to its kitty. Now, it not only adds Related Posts to your individual blog posts, but it adds related posts feature to your RSS feeds as well!! How good is that?!

Though I had tried YARP sometime back, currently I am NOT using it in my blog. But with this unique feature of Recent Posts for RSS, YARP has pushed me to change my Recent Posts plugin.

So, by the time you are reading this post, Technically Personal might already be using YARP 😉

And if you are reading it through RSS, hopefully you will be seeing the Related Posts in RSS as well! Do let me know if your views on the same.

Download YARPP

Update : I tried installing YARPP, but it messed up my blog a bit. It does display the Related Posts properly, but before that my post gets repeated and displayed multiple times. I tried disabling automatic display and tried manually adding the code in my theme, but no use. I will be commenting on the author’s blog to seek help meantime.

Update : the author said he cant help me much since the issue is with me alone and it might be due to incompatibility with some other plugin. I tried disabling virtually every plugin I have installed, still the issue persisted and hence I had to uninstall YARPP and get back to my sweet old plugin (Contextual Related Posts)

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