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When Google Chrome was released on 2nd September 2008, media around the world, especially the blogosphere (including me) added a lot of hype to the hoopla surrounding the release of the browser.

Some people predicted instant success to the browser, while some others predicted death of Internet Explorer and end of Mozilla Firefox!! Few others openly came out with statements like “Google Chrome will be bigger than Firefox by Christmas”! Personally I was unsure of Google Chrome’s instant success and preferred to play wait n watch.

Its been more than a month now, since Google Chrome was officially released, and hence I decided to dig my Google Analytics page to know the share of Google Chrome browser to my blog’s traffic.

Here is the percentage-wise breakup of browser share to Technically Personal! for this month of October (from 1st to 14th) –

  • Firefox – 77.92%
  • Internet Explorer – 12.84%
  • Opera – 4.40%
  • Chrome – 2.49%
  • Safari – 1.32%
  • Others – 1.03%

If I compare this to August’s browser share data, the Chrome’s share of 2.49% is majorly taken from Internet Explorer, which was around 14.5% during August. It is very clear now that Google Chrome has still a long way to go before it can truly challenge Firefox in the internet world.

To be fair to Google Chrome, we need to realize that it is hardly a month old and has done remarkably well to capture a share in this highly competitive business. But my only intent behind this blog post was
to show those people who simply add fuel to the hype and hope it will prove major success of the product.

With the latest release of Opera 9.6, the browser war has reached an exciting stage, and we, as the end-users will surely benefit from this!

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9 thoughts on “Is Google Chrome Really a Success?

  1. I’m a Chrome fanatic. Videos and Java interactions load so amazingly quickly. The only downside for me at the moment is the lack of plugins (autofill, pagerank toolbar, etc).

    JJs last blog post..McCain supporters are intelligent

  2. Hi Raju. My Chrome stats have gone up slightly between November and December to 3.18% of hits. Suppose once a few more plugins become available like for Firefox I might give it a try

    Wiggys last blog post..Garbage Truck house!!

  3. Chrome is rather nice. I’ve never used a faster browser.

    I actually use it as my primary browser for most things now. No other browser outside of IE has been able to claim that title yet. (I do use firefox for some things…it’s GreaseMonkey capabilities are nice. I used Opera for awhile, but too many things didn’t work and the speed gains weren’t sufficient.)

  4. I feel like a proper introduction to my comment would be to note that I’ve used every type of computer, OS, web browser, etc etc and Google Chrome stole my heart almost immediately. It’s simply a smarter design. What I’m finding is many people want to believe Firefox is better and while I won’t disagree there simply just isn’t any argument that Chrome is the fastest browser. I type over 200 wpm and it’s the only browser that doesn’t lag when I type in input fields if that’s some sort of proof for you. Also the way it handles itself in your RAM is far superior to any browser I’ve seen. I just wish installing a Google app didn’t mean I needed to run GoogleCrashHandler.exe in the background. What is it handling? A crash is a crash. Let it crash. It doesn’t crash anyway. I only use Firefox because I have Flashblock installed and sometimes I just don’t want flash to auto play stuff. Hard to explain, but there are scenarios when loading lots of tabs without flashblock will (for lack of better terms) kill your system.

  5. Jan 2011 and Chrome has a 10%+ share of the browser market. Huge, I just wish they would add an (optional to install) RSS reader into the app like in IE8.

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