This is what I was waiting for a long time. The good news is Mozilla has released a developer version of Firefox for mobiles under the code-name: Fennec. This is the first alpha release of Fennec.


And now, the bad news is, Fennec is designed to work with Nokia N810 internet tablet. Mozilla says it will soon be ported to other mobile OS like Java, Windows Mobile and Android. Opera has been the only decent mobile browser till date for non-apple mobile phones.

This early version of Fennec comes with the following set of features.

  • Smart address bar, Easy Navigation, Bookmarks, Tags, Tabbed Browsing, Integrated Web Search.
  • Tap onto content, Zoom in, Zoom out.
  • Password Manager, Popup Blocker
  • Download Manager

and many more!!


In case you don’t have Nokia N810 and still desperate to try out Fennec, then go ahead and download the Fennec Emulator which works exactly like the mobile version of Fennec.

I would rather wait for the Java version of Fennec and I dont have any intentions or time to test for them anyway!

Download link – Fennec Alpha

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