Here is the exhaustive collection of Windows 7 screenshots

1_small 2_small 3_small 4_small 5_small
6_small 7_small 8_small 9_small 10_small
11_small 12_small 13_small 14_small 15_small
16_small 17_small 18_small 19_small 20_small
21_small 22_small 23_small 24_small 25_small
26_small 27_small 28_small 29_small 30_small
31_small 32_small 33_small 34_small 35_small
36_small 37_small 38_small 39_small 40_small
41_small 42_small 43_small 44_small

Impressive, isn’t it? Do let me know if you would love to see any other screenshot as well.

Images courtesy: Winmatrix

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