First of all, I suggest you to skip this post unless you are utterly jobless! If you still wanna know more, here is a tip to open Websites from Windows Calculator in XP / Vista (using IE)


Here is how to go about it –

  1. Open your MS Calculator. This is normally found in Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Calculator.
  2. Open the Help window by pressing the F1 key.
  3. Click the top-left corner icon of the help window once (Default is a Document with a Question mark).
  4. Click on the Jump to URL….
  5. Type your address into the available field, but remember to type http://, and not just the www (or equivalent).

Note: This is not restricted to MS calculator, but is valid for all utilities having a help file (.chm file) associated with it, like MS paint, Notepad etc.

Honestly, I couldn’t find when this will be useful! Only time might be when your IE browser is messed up for some unknown reasons.

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