I am sure many geeks would have given a silly look after reading the title, indicating its such a simple thing to do. But this blog is NOT only for geeks. One of the avid reader, Binoy George, who happens to be one of the very first RSS subscriber of Technically Personal was asking me about it. It was then I realized the importance of posting it on my blog.

user accounts screen

When you start Windows Vista, you are presented with a list of available users accounts, which is good when two or more people use the computer frequently. But for most situations, it is absolutely meaningless since he/she will be the lone user of the computer. Follow the simple steps below to login directly to desktop which will surely save you some serious time and effort when your computer is starting up.

Click on Start menubutton.


Type netplwiz in the search box, and then hit the Enter key.


If User Access Control window pops up to ask for permission, click Continue.


Uncheck Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer box as shown below.


Click the Apply button at the bottom of the window.


At last, when the dialog box called Automatically Log On comes up, enter your password properly in the required fields.


Click OK when finished and Restart your computer.

That’s it!! Now you won’t have to type your user name and password every time when you start Vista again!

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4 thoughts on “[Tiny Tip] Skip User Accounts Screen in Windows Vista

  1. i believe that’s one of the things that is most overlooked in tech blogs. for me, it is most effective to initially weigh the topics to blog about. blogging about too techie stuff almost all the time promotes “intimidation” especially to users who are not as “geek” as the blog author is. blogging about the basics once in a while creates a friendlier and lighter “atmosphere” to the blogosphere.

    just my two cents ^_^

    nice tip. i commend you, my friend!

    techniqueal t.s last blog post..How To Quickly Check What Slows Down Your Website

  2. It would surely help single users. However, for us who have multiple people accessing a single computer, we have to keep using our separate user accounts and passwords.

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