This has been one of the most irritating nags ever in Windows (only next to the blue screen nag in Window 98!!). If you have Automatic updates turned on, there will be security patches released regularly. As and when your system gets updated, a nagging pop-up comes up asking for a restart. This will be really irritating if you are in middle of something very important and this nagging pop-up just doesn’t go off!


So How to Disable Windows Update Restart Nag

1. When you get the Windows update nag in Vista or XP, open the command prompt by using the path StartMenu –> Run –> cmd or windows key + r and type cmd and then press enter.

2. In the Windows command prompt now type the below mentioned code and press enter

sc stop wuauserv

3. The nag goes off! Windows update service will get restarted once you restart your computer hence you need not worry as your computer will keep receiving updates 😉

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