This isn’t a good news at all for Anti-Pirates out there. We all know how tough it is to maintain and scale up to the ever increasing demand to search the torrent files on the world-wide-web. Two new websites, V0rtex and TorrentTab have come out with an approach to scale up to the ever increasing torrent search traffic by using Google’s resources to search for torrents. By using Google’s App Engine, they can run their sites without having to invest a single dime in hardware or bandwidth!!

Google offers free hosting for data upto 500MB and 5 million page views per month. And these 2 new sites are making good use of the service right now! V0rtex searches 12 of the major Bittorrent sites like TPB, Mininova and isoHunt. It is completely ad-free and has a clean, no-nonsense design (just like Google!).



I am not recommending them to you saying they are great or they can replace your favourite BitTorrent search engine, but was just excited to see Google providing free service to Torrent search engines!

Anyway, what is your favorite Torrent Search engine? Which one you use more often? Here is my fav!!


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