I am not going to tell you something which you are not aware of. I am just collating all the tips on how you can save and enhance the battery life of your Digital camera. So go ahead and Bookmark this page for your reference!

1. Most of the cameras these days come with “Auto Power Saving” mode. Make sure you keep it on when you are not using the camera for a while.

2. Always make it a point to buy genuine and large capacity batteries. Keep away from the Grey Market stuff. Not just your batteries, even your camera’s life will be at stake.


3. I have seen many starters/amateurs using Flash unnecessarily. Avoid using Flash until absolutely required. Or better keep Flash in AUTO mode!

4. Think before you CLICK! Give a thought on what the resolution of the pictures you are taking right now should be. Lesser the resolution, lower the battery consumption!

5. Avoid using the LCD screen when focussing. Personally, I prefer using the view finder since it gives me the real view of the subject I am clicking. If you can get use to view finder, it will surely bring down the battery consumption a great deal.

6. Disable unnecessary settings in your camera like ‘Auto Chase Focus’ or ‘Motion detector’.

7. Some Digi-cams are known to consume battery even when they are switched off. So don’t forget to remove the batteries when it is not in use.

8. Use the Zoom option of your camera sparingly. The motor which zooms in/out the lenses uses the battery.

9. Its a well known thing that the battery life is shorter in cold climates. Make sure you keep the camera warm as much as possible.

10. Avoid erasing the images from the camera directly.

11. Use AC adapter when you are transferring the photos to your PC. Common sense! Downloading photos to your hard drive is a steady battery drain.

12. Avoid pressing the shutter button half way down when you don’t plan to take a photo. The camera goes through a series of processes getting ready to shoot a digital photo, that means huge power drain.

13. Constantly previewing the pictures on the digital camera, is something that we are all guilty of. Avoiding this is surely tough! But its definitely worth it!

Updates from Reader Comments:

14. Don’t keep turning the cam on & off. It empties your batteries really quickly.

So, can you think of any other tips? Or you don’t agree with any of the above? Shoot your comments!

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6 thoughts on “[Tiny Tip] Save Battery Life of Your Digital Camera

  1. I would say these are good tips if you are in a situation where you are unable to charge the battery, but in my experience battery life is becoming less and less an issue if you have the right camera.

    My Canon PowerShot 630d has absurdly long battery life. I forgot my charger on a trip to Florida and took 300+ pictures that week and several videos, using it everyday…even with people asking me to see the photos it still survived the whole trip without dying.

    I’ve had similarly good experiences with my Canon Rebel XTI. Typically, I run out of space on my memory card long before the battery gets to the half way point.

    So my tip would be for buyers: buy a camera with a custom rechargeable battery solution if you can. Avoid those “Use double A’s!” advertisements.

    Clifton Griffins last blog post..Tac and Reverse Grep

  2. BINGO! There should have been a note on the top of the post as to when these tips are to be considered. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your valuable comments Clifton!

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