As predicted, my-cool-sms has turned to be a premium service. But Ramachandran has suggested another website OOSMS providing free SMS to most of the countries worldwide. The downside is, you have to signup for the service and all messages will be accompanied with ads. Though the registration process is straight forward, I am apprehensive about the SMS I received asking me to Unsubscribe for Tagga by sending an SMS to some other number. Its still free anyway!

Update2: A list of Websites offering FREE SMS is being maintained here! Hop in!!


This is a no-nonsense and absolutely free service from my-cool-sms.com. I have seen lots of websites previously offering free SMS, but they always failed to impress me, either because of inconsistent service or their extreme advertising model. But this one is devoid of both. Currently free sms is provided for 10 countries – India, United kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Poland and Taiwan.

There is no registration process involved and the delivery of SMS is guaranteed. I personally checked sending few SMS and it was delivered within seconds. Amazingly enough, they provide delivery report of each SMS sent!


Regarding how the service can be free, the website says –

The public website is a test. Anyone can use it. If the ad revenues will cover our expenses we will keep it public and maintain it.

It surely doesn’t hurt if we click few ads and get free SMS in return, isn’t it? 😉

Link: My-Cool-SMS

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