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Google Chrome was launched on 2nd September this year with lots of hype, so much so that it was termed as Firefox Killer! In October, I had written about “Is Google Chrome Really a Success?” taking the statistics of Browser share for my blog traffic for analysis. This is a follow up post on the same.

During November, The browser stats looks like this –

  • Firefox – 59%
  • Internet Explorer – 28%
  • Opera – 4.5%
  • Chrome – 4.2%
  • Safari – 2.3%
  • Others – 2%

Last time around when i had done the analysis, it was

  • Firefox – 77.92%
  • Internet Explorer – 12.84%
  • Opera – 4.40%
  • Chrome – 2.49%
  • Safari – 1.32%
  • Others – 1.03%

This is a clear indication that Chrome is considerably picking up its share in the market in the past month or so. It has almost doubled its share. Major gainer has been Internet Explorer which has more than doubled its share in the same period. This is really hard for me to believe. in order to confirm if this is really the case, I cross checked the stats for whole month of October, even that indicates a major gain for IE. Only logical reasoning I can think of for this is the so-called-success of Internet Explorer 7 and 8 (beta).

Coming towards the end of the article I am realizing that the data to deduce the current and historic market share for the browsers might be insufficient. This pushes me for more research and I will surely update the post once that is done.

If you have a blog and have the required stats for the month of November, Please share it here, so that we can get a better picture overall.

I have been proved wrong. Lamely enough I forgot people visiting techie blogs tend to favour Firefox, so deciding the market share based upon my site traffic was surely lame.

Anyway, here is the correct info from an authentic source.

browser share

As you can see Chrome has zoomed past Opera and now nearing 1% of the market share. IE is sitting pretty with 70%, but the interesting thing is that it was almost 78% just a few months back!

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16 thoughts on “Browser War Shows No Signs of Cooling Down

  1. well i don’t think it’s the right way to look at it since this is a tech blog and people tend to go techish. this is how i can explain FF dominance and chrome picking up. if you probably get the stats of a gossip blog or a news blog you might find ie first… i think that to make safe conclusions some more wide variety of sources should be chosen. personally i don’t like chrome that much since it’s look and way of presence is FF clone (no innovative user interface what so ever just small adjustments) and there is no such big base of plugins. so for now i go with FF…

    stratosgs last blog post..How can a WordPress plugin be unsafe

  2. Very very valid points you have made Stratos. As I have mentioned in the post I realised towards end of the article that the data insufficiency is a factor here. But IE users more than FF on non-tech blogs is not a probability I believe. I will ask my friend Jason to see if he can give some outputs

  3. Chrome is my browser of choice. I love the fast load times for videos and images, etc.

    My site does not focus on tech. It’s geared toward humor, current events, celebrities, etc. Here are my trends:

    November 16,768 visits

    Internet Explorer 49.52%
    Firefox 36.74%
    Safari 8.34%
    Chrome 2.32%
    Opera 1.81%

    October 17,155 visits

    Internet Explorer 50.46%
    Firefox 36.48%
    Safari 7.71%
    Chrome 1.88%
    Opera 1.87%

    September 15,220 visits

    Internet Explorer 51.94%
    Firefox 35.52%
    Safari 7.71%
    Opera 1.75%
    Chrome 1.60%

    Jasons last blog post..Random List: Best Solo-Career Songs by Eagles Members

  4. I guess my blog might be considered a techie one. My stats for November were somewhat similar to yours.

    Firefox 68.88%
    Internet Explorer 18.62%
    Safari 6.08%
    Chrome 2.85%
    Mozilla 1.93%
    Opera 1.28%

    I agree with Stratos that with other types of sites like celebrity that IE usage would be a lot higher.

    I’m curious as to how these stats will compare to my elephant site – I’ll have to check that at the end of the month.

    Kim Woodbridges last blog post..Stuff This in Your RSS – 12/02/08 – Eleblog

  5. @ stratos & kim,
    u are absolutely right. I have found out from a reliable source how much IE is dominating the web (in complete contrast to what I had thought). Will share the details soon

    Bang on buddy!

  6. There you go!!! Thanks a lot Jason, this proves how much wrong I was when I wrote the post 🙁
    Anyway, the stats for 3 months are pretty consistent, but still very different than the actual market share which I will share in a while.
    Thanks again 🙂

  7. i still prefer ie7 and firefox becaue they are safe and they are not in beta.
    as most of google products are still in beta
    all google applications are optimized for chrome.
    because gmail is not work properly in my ie after the launch of chrome 🙂

  8. Personally I would rate chrome third best (after FF & Opera). IE doesn’t even qualify as a nominee in my list 😉
    Regarding Google products being in beta, it is just their policy of letting people know that they don’t consider their products to be perfect and they will keep on improving them!

  9. never been a fan of IE anyway as every time i refresh a site, the application always and i mean always get rebooted. no amount of reformat can fix the issue. owell.

    great post. very true about chrome’s stats.

  10. Hmmm. I am still waiting for IE to lose popularity.

    @Raju. Chrome really is in beta and is nowhere near perfection. It has some fatal bugs which, in some cases, prevent it from even running. Many of these issues are documented and they’re still figuring out the details. On my comp, for example, Chrome mysteriously stopped working. And even after several complete uninstalls, it still doesn’t work.

    So right now, FF is my number one by default. 🙁

  11. Actually.. thats bcoz all GOOGLE NETWORKED sites have displayed an AD saying “try so-and-so website on google chrome” and see!
    as though something different they would see if they use that browser! 😀

  12. I too prefer mozilla firefox than anyother as it gives me lot of addons to use from which i can use my browser as I want.. this is the main reason I never tried any other browsers.. (not even chrome….) IE is a flop..

    • Ya Guru, for people who have little bit of affinity towards technology, IE looks crap, but for others IE is still the only browser available. No wonder it is still sitting pretty at No.1 😐
      Watch out for my [Firefox Friday] series for more insights on Firefox

  13. Quote “I have been proved wrong. Lamely enough I forgot people visiting techie blogs tend to favour Firefox, so deciding the market share based upon my site traffic was surely lame.”
    Noobs use firefox. Opera is the prefered browser for anyone whos been on the internet longer than 2 years.

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