As you must be knowing by now (due to my constant ranting), that my webhost is trying to prevent me from accessing my website by blocking the IP address. Still i managed to login and continue blogging! All thanks to UltraSurf, which is a simple tool which need not be installed on your system, but can be run directly from your USB anytime you would like to access a blocked website.

ultra surf

Though it uses IE as the browser, I found it extremely fast and reliable. All the javascripts, flash and other media opened without a hitch. It routes the requests through three possible servers. Once you close UltraSurf it will delete the cookies and history of th browser!

Give it a try if you haven’t already! I bet you will love this.

Note: I am not sure if this has ny restrictions on particular firewalls, do leave a comment below in case you are not able to use it.


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  • technomedic

    It is so sad buddy, your site is under threat. Hope you would get out of this crisis and continue to dish-out more informative posts for us. I am very busy now-a-days as my final semester exams are underway upto 20th of this month……c u then

  • Kim Woodbridge

    Why would the want to block you from your own site? Either suspend it or not. But either way they need to give you your data and let you move on. This is very strange.

  • Raju

    answer is simple kim. They are BULLYING me. They want to sell their VPS/dedicated hosting somehow to me. Yesterday during the routine email exchanges with the tech support, I found that my IP was blacklisted in their system and I got it whitelisted. What I observed was the IP was getting blacklisted as soon as I used to start backup

  • clifgriffin

    Hey Raju,
    I’ve been reading about your continued problems with your host.

    Have you considered switching hosts? I had tons of issues with a host over the summer and ended up switching to It’s more expensive (20 bucks a month), but you get a heck of a lot for that money.

    For someone that blogs as much as you do, I’d recommend switching.

    Also, did you assess that featured category was using more than a reasonable share of resources? I’m not sure it can be more finely tuned but I’d like to give it a shot if it is causing problems.


  • Raju

    Hi Clifton,
    Yeah, I have considered switching hosts, but this time I don’t want to risk going for another shared host 9most of them oversell their resources), so might go for a VPS.

    Regarding Featured category, i will definitely re-test it once I clear this mess with my web hosting. That plugin surely deserves some time.

  • clifgriffin

    Yeah, I understand that. Shared hosting almost always sucks…friggin’ oversellers. I was on a Windows 2008 host before because I wanted to be able to run .NET with PHP…but I think that in addition to having low resources, they weren’t that experienced running PHP with IIS7. It was unusable. I actually still have the account, it expires in a month or something.

    I went with mt because they have clustered servers and promise they can handle unexpected traffic spikes. (assuming I have those) They also let you buy additional, guaranteed resources as an add on if you want. (This is starting to sound like an advertisement…sorry :-) )

    Anyway, my experience has been good.

    I like the new design…more readable. The header could use some sprucing up though. It’s a little dwarfed by everything else, imho. Maybe use a larger, bolder font.

  • Raju

    Hi Clifton,
    you are making it tough for me to take a decision!! I went through media-temple site. I hadn’t understood what exactly you meant by clustered servers, but after going through the FAQs I understood that they are talking about grid computing and the GPUs they mention is much more transparent and trackable.
    But @ $20/$25 pm , I am getting good & reliable VPS hosting itself with much more features. I am still inclined towards VPS as of now, but thanks a lot for telling me about MT.
    Regarding the new blog design, I agree with your observation, was thinking the same about my header, wish I was as talented as you to come up with a design as the one u have!

  • Clifton Griffin


    Not my intention to make it harder, I just like to point people towards products I like and use. :) A virtual server is a good choice. I know people who have had great success with them.

  • Raju

    Akismet doesn’t learn 😐
    For the third time it had marked Clifton’s comment as spam. huh? 😐

  • Clifton Griffin

    Strange…I haven’t had that problem before.

  • techniqueal t.

    man, i really feel bad about this ip block thing. hope whichever host you decide will give the best service that u and this blog both deserve.

    speaking of ip, digg blocked ours at work! weirdness. just downloaded the software you recommended. hope this works on ours. just too bad it only works in ie.

  • Raju

    Thanks for your wishes mate :)
    I hope it works for you too, it connects through a port (forgot the number), just see if that port is open.
    And IE is just the default browser, you can configure other browsers as well.

  • lil lion

    this works

  • Chris K

    some how my school has managed to block it
    they haven’t blocked the Ip’s because it starts to connect I just can normaly only find 1 or 2 servers then they both lose conection and it says failed to connect to server can any one tell me if they have had this problem and how the fixed it (if they did)
    Our school system runs smoothwall

  • Rohit

    We have published a detailed review on Two softwares which can offer access to blocked sites

  • gordon

    are you sure this ultrasurf isn’t malware?

    read it through…

  • cooki

    I can’t get it to connect to the server. It’s being really slow and then the internet is completely dead while it’s on. I need a new version or something??? I’ve got 9.6…

  • Ash

    @rajupp:disqus ,

    It ia amazing, fast and simple
    Thanks :)
    Just one suggestion, it might not work for some places if proxy setting is set to No proxy(default option), I guess ultrsurf cant connect to servers intially.
    It happened with me, I changed the proxy setting to aAuto-Detect and it worked
    You may add a note about it if you want
    Thanks once again :)

  • Kundan Raj Bhattarai

    Thanks for the information. I will certain use this. But right now I am using Hotspot shield for opening any blocked sites.