Giveaways on Blogosphere is not rare these days. Every other blog throws a contest with some freebies thrown in to get a link-back or increase their RSS/email subscriber count and thereby increasing their Pagerank and overall Blog traffic and site worth. Nothing wrong in that at all. But I hardly ever give a thought to give a try for contests like those.

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But this Giveaway is different. The Gift of Knowledge Giveaway is not just for increasing the site popularity, rather it ‘also’ helps a child in need by giving away $100 for every entry registered for the contest.

This $100 is donated to ‘Save the Children‘ organization which is known for creating lasting change for Children in need around the World. Go through their Website and see for yourself for the work they have been doing.

This post will be an entry at contest page, but seeing the prizes at stake I might be too late to be amongst the first 100 to post about this. I hardly care about it though, the cause, the purpose and the intention behind it is much much larger compared to everything else.


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  • Abraham

    Beautiful cause and concept…
    But I feel, as a blogger u cudnt resist the prizes and that might be one of the reasons? 😉

  • Raju

    I do not blame you for getting that doubt :)
    But frankly speaking, prizes are not that attractive for compelling me to join the contest. What they are giving is a wordpress theme called SIMPLE THEME ( which is way too simple for me to use and it hardly costs $12 per license.

    So, it was not the prizes, but the cause which drove me to write the post :)

  • stratosg

    it sounds ineresting and definitely very good cause. can you verify they indeed give the money to the cause? btw it’s very very nice to see you back to blogging!

  • Raju

    I have verified to the best of my abilities. More than that, I have been following for quite sometime now to trust them about something like this.

  • techniqueal t.

    certainly for a good cause. this is the type i would be very interested in. :)