The world economy might be down, the banking sector might be on a down slide, but nothing can stop the technical advances on the web world! Fidelity has just released the first ever secure banking gadget on iGoogle for millions of its customers. Known as the Fidelity Secure Gadget, it enables users to check their account balances straight from their iGoogle page without logging to Fidelity website.

Using this tiny gadget, users can now –
1. check their account balances,
2. configure it to display the alerts on account related activities,
3. get the Fidelity Inverstor’s weekly & insight forecast through RSS feed.


To use the gadget, customers should log in using their SSN or Customer ID and PIN, as they would do online. That information is not saved on Google’s servers on any other 3rd party servers, says Fidelity.

RWW predicts that the release of this gadgets might start a new trend in Banking, with more implementations of Web 2.0 & 3.0 technologies. We can hope that more and more Banks and financial institutions come up with similar or even improved versions of Fidelity Secure gadget in the near future.

Images Courtesy: RWW

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