Unblab is an eMail client which is built with hope of making you use email as less as possible. Makes sense? No? It didn’t make sense for me either! I started digging up the site further to understand what it will doing.

Once you install the eMail client, it will track the way you organize your inbox, what you delete, what you mark as important, what you move to archives etc and after that if you choose, it will take over and organizes the eMails for you!!


What impressed me the most is its user interface. Just like the website, the inbox has a refreshing interface with box views. You can snooze the not-so-important mails which will snooze for a while just like your alarm clock and come back again to remind you!

If you prefer to keep your email address PRIVATE, then you can use the ReachWall option which lets you keep your eMail address hidden and give ReachWall as your initial point of contact!

Unblab is currently in Closed Beta and it is declared to be supporting Yahoo Mail, GMail, Hotmail, MS Outlook and AOL mail. Signup for a beta account today and be among the first few who will be offered beta accounts starting in early 2009. I am keenly looking forward to test this web 2.0 app, will surely revisit this post for a hands-on review!

Signup for Unblab Beta

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