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Popular VoIP service provider, Jaxtr has come out with an attractive service called FreeConnect. As a member you can make calls to any other members for as much duration as you want at absolutely free of charge!!

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Do you smell something fishy?

Don’t worry. According to the CEO of Jaxtr, there is nothing hidden in this service offer. He says that the company is just trying to reach out to more people and expects few of them to turn into paid customers after experiencing the top quality service from them.

What you need to do to make free calls?

1. Register to FreeConnect.
2. Get your friend/girlfriend/boyfriend/dad/mom/sis/brother/aunt/uncle/xyz to register to FreeConnect as well.
3. Enter the number you would like to call into Jaxtr, which will in-turn give you a local number.
4. Call that local number. Jaxtr will send a SMS message to the other person with a number local to him.
5. That person must call the number given to him/her.
6. That’s it!! Both of you are now connected on a free call!!

Pretty tedious, ain’t it? Well, Jaxtr must be hoping you feel like that as well. Only then someone will bother to sign up for a paid service (however cheap it might be).

Obviously, local call charges still apply, but that should not be a big hindrance anyway!


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  • http://www.techandlife.com techandlife

    I’ve been using PokeTalk ( http://www.poketalk.com/index.php ) for the last month or so and find it very good. It’s not global by any means but pretty good if you live in one of the supported countries. There’s a list here:


    You have to register to use the service and there’s a 10 minute limit on calls.

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      That’s a nice service! It will be useful for me 😀 Thanks buddy :)

  • Prasanth

    Hi sir,

    I am using this free call 1800 – free -411 number. I am in india, i can’t connect in uae & other gcc countries. I don’t what is the problem.

    Tks N regds / Prasanth

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      You have to use Yahoo messenger to call 1800-free-411. You cannot use landline or mobile phone.
      PS: This is not the right article to discuss.