As we all know, Opera supports download of torrent files within the browser eliminating the need of external torrent clients. Same is not true with Firefox. Fortunately, we now have an extension which lets us download .torrent files within Firefox. FireTorrent integrates BitTorrent into the existing download manager of Firefox.


Now, you can download torrents like any other files. Personally I would suggest uTorrent for people who download torrents often. But for those who use torrents sporadically, FireTorrent is the way to go. Since it’s an alpha release, there are no options to configure yet. The official release, will however include adjustable download and upload limits and several other basic configurable settings. Completed downloads will be stored in the desktop folder, this can be changed in the beta release that will come out in a few weeks.

One thing to note is that it requires Firefox 3 and above to work. FireTorrent is invite only at the moment, but there is an easy way to get around that, for those who want to give it a try.

Note: From today onwards, I am starting a series on firefox which I will be posting on Fridays exclusively. This post is the first of the many interesting topics on Firefox which will be featured on Technically Personal!


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