Today I received an eMail from my “Past Me”. It read like this –

today i am dealing with JK, amit (apac) & raghu regarding CVS migration. i am just checking if i remember this few years down the line

Ofcourse the content of the mail will not interest you and its not relevant as well! But this mail was sent by me exactly 3 years back on Dec 20th 2005 through Many of you might already be knowing about FutureMe, but in case you haven’t tried, try it right now. I literally freaked out when I read this mail an hour back.


For Non-Starters, what is FutureMe? allows you to send yourself an email time capsule at any date up to 30 years in the future. Optionally, your message is posted anonymously on the site. As a registered user, you can change the address to receive future emails should yours change.

30 years is too long a time. Assuming I will be alive and checking emails on Dec 20th 2038, it would be really crazy and scary to read something written bu myself for myself 30 years back. Phew!! I don’t wanna freak myself at that ripe old age 😉 so sent myself an eMail to be delivered 3 years later!

From – “You could remind yourself of the dreams you once had (only to find out they’re way behind you now), as a general memory pool (the contrast of what you now think about your current situation and what you will remember about it in a few years can be stark), to send yourself birthday greetings, and as a classic exercise for the here and now, of course: where do you see yourself in five years?”

I found a video review of the same. Simple stuff!

Visit FutureMe

Note: Frankly i don’t remember much about sending a mail like this 3 years back or what exactly was the background when sending the eMail 😉

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