Many a times we send a group of links to various sites like the online photo album, a YouTube video, a funny news article etc to our friends or family.  It’s a pain having to copy and paste multiple links in email or in Instant Messenger. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could convert all of those links into just one simple link?! If you are sick of pasting multiple links like me here are 5 simple ways to merge multiple long links to one short n cute link!

1. Shrink2One


Shrink2One is a free web service that allows you to convert multiple URLS into one smaller URL. To use the service, just visit the site, add different links of the sites you want to share, add a Title and enter the password(which is optional and can be entered if you want to share some secure links). Finally, click on Shrink Now. The service will provide you with new links after shortened, along with the list of sites selected for Thumbnail images of each site. You simply click on individual links or on each thumbnail to access the site on the list. They also have a Firefox extension which will be very useful.

2. Krunchd


It is the latest one in the block. You are allowed up to twelve different characters when generating the link. If you are short on inspiration, or if you want things to be as generic as possible, you can keep the field blank and have a random title to go with. Once you have done this, you are requested to furnish your e-mail address (to which the link will be forwarded) and entering a description for the sake of clarity.



Very simple and straight forward service. Simply put in a list of links in the box provided and click 1link to get one link! Optionally, you are allowed to have a password! No need to register as well. More than anything else I love the logo of 1link 😀

4. LinkBunch


How is it different than the above 3? Well it isn’t much different, the design of the site is simple and cool. Copy Bunch to Clipboard – which, when clicked, copies all the links in the bunch to the clipboard in plain text format.

5. URLBunch

This has been one of the oldest of the lot. At the time of writing this post, the site seemed to be down for some reason. It should be up soon, else you have 4 other options anyway 😉

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