This is a small tutorial on how to get the Task manager directly on click of Ctrl + Alt + Del buttons on Windows. Alternatively, I will also tell you how to get the admin menu options instead of task manager on clcik of Ctrl + Alt + Del.

1. Go to Start –> Control panel.
2. Open User Accounts inside Control panel.
3. Under “Change the way users log on or off”, you will find 2 options. The first is whether or not to use the Welcome Screen, and the other one is about “fast user switching”. The second is sort of a subset of the first, as it can only be enabled/disabled if the Welcome Screen is used.
4. Check the box for using the Welcome screen if you want to get Task manager directly on click of Ctrl + Alt + Del.
5. To get the 6-button option window back, you have to uncheck the box for using the Welcome Screen.

That’s it !!

PS: CTRL+SHIFT+ESC gets you the task manager directly, That is why i prefer to have admin menu options on click of CTRL+ALT+DEL!

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