This is a small tutorial on how to get the Task manager directly on click of Ctrl + Alt + Del buttons on Windows. Alternatively, I will also tell you how to get the admin menu options instead of task manager on clcik of Ctrl + Alt + Del.

1. Go to Start –> Control panel.
2. Open User Accounts inside Control panel.
3. Under “Change the way users log on or off”, you will find 2 options. The first is whether or not to use the Welcome Screen, and the other one is about “fast user switching”. The second is sort of a subset of the first, as it can only be enabled/disabled if the Welcome Screen is used.
admin controls panel
4. Check the box for using the Welcome screen if you want to get Task manager directly on click of Ctrl + Alt + Del.
5. To get the 6-button option window back, you have to uncheck the box for using the Welcome Screen.

That’s it !!

PS: CTRL+SHIFT+ESC gets you the task manager directly, That is why i prefer to have admin menu options on click of CTRL+ALT+DEL!

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