This has been a season of open-source CMS. Many open-source CMS have barged into the web-world over the past few months like Microsoft’s Oxide, Magnolia etc. Now enters EnsoCMS.

In their own words –

EnsoCMS is built for designers, loved by clients

They claim that it is the simplest free CMS available right now with absolutely no software required to install and no complex coding involved. Some of the important features and benefits include –

1. No prior technical knowledge required to work on this CMS.
2. It can adapt to any design and offers super flexibility to design the website to your liking.
3. Just some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is enough.
4. They provide Free Hosting and a free subdomain for you to host a website.
5. Free auto updates for life.

It comes with a Development edition (which is free) and a Live edition (which costs $50 per month), the only difference being you can have a custom domain instead of the default subdomain for that price.


Most of the features here are offered by any other reputed CMS like WordPress.com and Blogger, but EnsoCMS edges out others by giving the option to maintain and backup posts and files through FTP. The admin panel is exhaustive and has been designed such that even a non-techie person can work on it on a day-to-day basis, but customizing the website is no simple job as they claim. Though the first impression is good, I can’t see a way for them to sustain the free service unless more people decide to try the platform and pay for the Live edition.

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