• Have you seen your PC’s performance decline in the days since you bought it?
  • Does your system take a long time to boot up and to load simple programs?
  • Does it crash more frequently, or stalls when loading Web pages?


If answer to any of the questions above is YES, then instead of panicking, you must download ProcessScanner. It gives you a complete analysis of all the processes running on your PC, along with a risk analysis of each one of them!! Basically it takes a snapshot of your system’s running processes, uploads the results to its website, then lists them in a page with information on what each process does. The results are color-coded to help identify the processes that pose potential threats to your system. A range of risk from safe to dangerous is provided for each running process, followed by advice on appropriate action you should consider taking regarding the listed processes.


Why I Suggest ProcessScanner?
  1. As per Sophos, Scarewares (like WinFlashGuard) will be a major security threat in 2009. And ProcessScanner is absolutely safe from any Scareware, spyware, adware or malware. It has been certified by Microsoft itself!
  2. The size of the installable is less than a MB.
  3. Duration of scan is very less.
  4. It is absolutely FREE!

Probably, absence of pausing the scan is the only con I can think of right now. Go ahead and scan your system right now and feel safe 🙂

Download ProcessScanner !

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