Continuing with the Firefox Friday Series, here are some of the interesting links from the Blogosphere –

1. Mozilla FIREFOX Cheat Sheet – Leslie Franke shares this awesome Firefox cheatsheet. Take a print-out right now and stick it !!

2. The Ultimate Tweaker’s Guide To Firefox3 – A bit old, but still relevant, worth bookmarking!


3. FireFox Addons: 6 Things You Can Do With Plain Text – Ann Smarty shares few addons which search the highlighted word, turn any highlighted text to a link and many more!

4. Enable “Drag and Drop” for attachments in Gmail – A treat for GMail and Firefox lovers like me!

5. Browse the Internet Faster on Firefox – Nirmal shares a firefox addon called Samfind which “supposedly” makes browsing faster on firefox. I haven’t really tried this. If you facing problems with your internet speeds, do give it a try and let me know!

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