I love Google Reader for its simplicity and ease with which it fetches the latest feeds of my favorite blogs every minute (though there is some serious competition from Blogger Buddy these days). I organize the feeds by grouping feeds from a particular niche together. Considering my varied interests, I have almost 10-12 folders which I have created over the years.

Many a times when i tried to rename a folder, I never got an option which does that and I wasn’t patient enough to figure it out myself. But yesterday with some effort I figured out how to go about it –

Rename Folders in Google Reader

1. Go to Settings and click on the Subscriptions tab.

2. In “Filter by name, tag, or URL” field, enter the current folder name that you want to rename to filter out that folder.

3. In “Change folder…” dropdown list, choose New Folder and enter the new folder name.

4. Now click “All subscriptions” to select all the feeds under Old Folder and choose New Folder in “More actions…” dropdown list to move those feeds into New Folder.

That’s it. Know a better way? Please share it!

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4 thoughts on “[How to] Rename Folders in Google Reader

  1. Hey thanks for mentioning BloggerBuddy! Before i developed it i used Google Reader myself and i found it to be the best too. I had never grouped feeds together though since i wasn’t tracking too much anyway… Nice tip for GReader users!

  2. Little secret:

    In feeddemon, its a simple rightclick-rename. then when you sync, its renamed. its one of the main reasons I have feeddemon. That flash-tagging things is easier.

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