As mentioned earlier, Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows 7 (beta) and you can grab a free copy as well. But, for that you are required to be using Vista and you must have enough RAM to spare. Just in case you like to test-drive and experience the Windows 7 feeling, here are some Windows 7 themes for Vista and XP.

Windows 7 theme – 1

windows7 preview

How to install this theme
1. Download the Windows 7 Theme.
2. Install the UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0.exe” from “UX Theme Patcher” folder in the zip file.
3. Double click on the “Windows 7 M1 VS.msstyles” in “Theme\Windows 7 M1 VS” folder to install the theme.

Windows 7 theme – 2

theme 2

Download Link

Alternative Download Link

More info & Instructions

Windows 7 theme – 3

theme 3

Window 7 Themes For Vista & XP | Size 5.30 MB | OS – Windows Vista and XP
Click Here To Download

Have I missed any? you know a better theme? Do share it here!

Disclaimer: None of these themes have been tested or uploaded by me and I own no responsibility for anything whatsoever!


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  • stratosg

    seriously i see this win 7 thing just an update to a moderate product called windows vista. it’s just that. even with the graphic environment same thing. i don’t know why everybody is buzzing anyway…

    • Raju

      Microsoft made a huge blunder by releasing a crappy OS called Vista and instead of investing on it, they invested on building a better OS (which is nothing but fixed version of Vista) and gave some cosmetic touches.

      • Raju

        Confession: Sometimes I write for others then for myself. this is one such post.

  • Velvet Blues

    Yeh, I agree with statos. I don’t understand the ‘hype’… Although, I might check out some of their new wallpaper. :-)

    • Raju

      Just to be fair from microsoft’s perspective, Windows 7’s Minimum Requirements are much lesser than what it was for Vista. That is why I believe Windows 7 to be an improved/fixed version of Vista and I predict it gonna be a huge hit. Ofcourse I won’t dare to beta test any MS product :)

  • Nihar

    I will check out these themes and see how windows 7 looks.

  • Raju

    Welcome to TP Nihar :)

  • Vikram

    […]Windows 7 themes for Windows Vista and Xp[…]

  • Alexutziu

    Super great. visit my web!

  • Armen Shirvanian

    I had forgotten about the possibility that some users of Vista and XP would want their interfaces to look more like Windows 7 is currently looking. It makes sense, and these themes have come out quite soon after the release of the beta version. The designers must have been on top of the issue.

    • Raju

      These themes were released long time back but I just compiled and presented them together

  • Rajesh

    Here I’ve compiled a list of 8 Windows 7 based Most beautiful themes for Vista:

  • dave

    hey quit bashin windows 7…windows 7 is the best thing MS has come out with so far. i beta tested it and i went and bought it. its better than xp and vista both were

  • Syahuri


    i love this post…