There is a lot of hoopla going on in the blogosphere about Windows 7. Discussion at my friend’s (Stratos) blog made me think about this. Is downloading & installing Windows7 worth all the pain?

Microsoft made an announcement that they will be giving out 2.5 million copies of Windows 7 beta for free on January 9th 2009. As predicted by many, Microsoft servers failed to scale up to the demand and went down. Many users like Vikas faced an agony of waiting for download to complete. To be a bit fair with Microsoft, they have a standard disclaimer put up –

Windows 7 beta is meant only for advanced computer users who are willing and able to look for bugs and help provide feedback on any issues that arise. Microsoft recommends you use it only on a secondary computer dedicated to testing the software. There is also no direct technical support available, and you may encounter some compatibility issues with older hardware and software.

Well, Is it worth the pain then?

I will not force my views here. I will just share some articles across the blogosphere which might help you to decide for yourself –

Windows 7’s Best Features — LifeHacker

Get to know the best features (if any!) of Windows 7 OS from one of the top tech bloggers – Gina Tripani. She also tells how to get them within Windows XP or Vista using a combination of settings tweaks and third-party apps!

Windows 7 Public Beta: First Impressions — PC World

First hand reporting from PC World about the pros & cons of Windows 7 beta OS.

Reason’s to Skip Microsoft’s Windows 7 Beta Download — ZDNet

A very unbiased (just like me ;)) view on Windows 7 beta. On a serious note, I agree with most of the things Sam has to say.

Over to you guys

Tell me what you think. Are you going to try it out? or have you already installed it? What is the experience like? Do you think “All Pain and No Gain”? or “The Gain is worth the pain”? Lets discuss.

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