There has been a flurry of sites offering FREE SMS to mobile phones all over the world in the past few months. Previously I had written how to send free sms to India, UK and other countries. Now, I plan to collect and put together all such websites which offer FREE SMS.

Free sms

1. Text4Free – You can send free text messages from this website to almost anywhere in the world.

No registration is needed for the following sites –


3. Dynadel

4. GizmoSMS

5. 160by2 – Send Free sms from India – registration necessary

6. Tamilar – Free SMS to India – no registration required

7. CbfSms – Only for UK

8. OOSms – Worldwide Free SmS – registration needed.


9. Wadja – Worldwide coverage, need registration.

10. Way2Sms – India specific

11. Youmint – India specific again, advertising firm, so you know what to expect!

12. Peekamo – Worldwide Free SMS

13. Hai91 – Another India specific site, needs registration.

  • This list will be constantly updated.
  • All the sites are working at the time of writing this post
  • Please let me know if any of them are not working are turned to be a premium site.
  • Do let me know if you know any similar service available.


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  • TechnoSamrat

    Wow Thanks dude for sharing the sites…. But Most of them doesn’t support all the Indian service providers.. Hope you will update the list with a bigger number..

    • Raju

      my-cool-sms was offering free sms to almost all service providers, but they turned to be a premium service :( will look for more Indian based services and update the post soon

  • Rockstar sid

    Way2sms offers sms service to Indians.. also youmint is quite good for sending sms in India :)

    • Raju

      There you go!! Samrat was asking about India specific services and here they are! Thanks Sid!

  • Clement

    You can also try wadja. Just google “wadja” then you will get. I can send free sms messages to every corner of the globe. They are fantastic.

    • Raju

      Thanks Clement. I will update my post!

    • Fardx

      hey dude, im not able to send more than 2 sms…saying to use premium, y this?thanks

  • Velvet Blues

    Wow.. Let’s open the flood gates for more annoying SMS text-message spam!

    This is a relatively easy feature to create (I once did so for a site) so I am surprised that there are not that many services which offer free access.

    • Raju

      LOL Shirley! A different way of looking at things :) But many people from many countries still love to have free SMS, not local, but International SMS. In places like India, the cost is still pretty high.

  • stratosg

    i am more of a clickatel guy. i pay some money that’s true but i have a developer’s api and all. i have also created a few projects on sms sending such as the email notifier. but when it comes to free service providers i don’t know any so this list is more than helpful :)

    • Raju

      eeeksss… u r too geeky stratos 😉

  • Nihar

    Thanks for the list. I was looking for some free service

  • Pushpinder

    Raju yar can you write an article about RSS to SMS conversion… google labs is very slow… any other way ?

    • Raju

      Atleast for India, Google sms channels is the only way as-of-now. Mytoday has stopped its services for feeds. I will check if any other service is there.

  • smsseva

    send free sms to any mobile all over india any wishes

  • Steve

    Try using Free SMS World

  • sham
  • Sunil Jain

    Here are a list of 100 sites for free sms sending services

    Thanks :)
    Sunil Jain

  • warlock

    guys how about international… coz most of them dont work for botswana is there any service or any site were we can send free sms to botswana…. please kindly reply

  • Mandy

    Here’s one I use it’s free in Canada and the US.

  • Dr Mike

    Please let me know how to open account with your company as i need to send bulk sms.

  • Sudhir

    Wow…Thanks for listing nice websites! Dear, Indian SMS Zone ( is also giving some facilities of these sites, can I use these services from this site?

  • text messaging

    Free text messaging is okay but not all are true to their words. TextMagic is a web based interface, also available anywhere in the world with an internet connection. It is not free but I guess the money spend from a business point of view for bulk messaging is well worth it.

  • Delasholz

    U are a guru man..

  • Laftadate

    Here is a greate functionning website that allow you send free SMS. Just Sign Up and enjoy Laftadate SMS to Any mobile phone worldwide whidoud any hiden payment.
    Laftadate is a social network that connect friends and there are lot of Loaded gift for every one. Sein is beliving try it today its more that SMS website

  • Gift

    can someone let me know free sms worldwide sites please from anywhere in the world,i am in Botswana

  • Greg Almighty

    Please I need sites that offer’s free sms service to Nigeria asides wadja and mjoy

  • carol

    i need an sms sites that send messages to south korea and thailand,a site that i can pay and send the sms.some sites when you pay ,the message will not be sent.i dont want such site

  • Navi mumbai

    Very nice.
    Thank you,

  • anand

    thanks for the list … you have missed which offers 140 characters

  • bulk sms reseller

    another website to send sms and become bulk sms or short code 5 digit sms reseller in India

  • chetan kambli

    Receive SMS in your inbox without a mobile. Get rewarded for sending free sms,SMS2MINT is one stop shop for all your personal free sms needs.

  • Arif

    There are hundreds of sms web sites offering free sms service but most of them are not working. Here are some working and free sms web sites..
    yahoo messenger etc..

  • Mike

    there are lot of sms sites for sure,
    I just use only one that works for me at the moment. It has address book, message history and send one message to multiple people..

  • SlideSMS

    Seriously all games aside! If you are serious about finding a place to send FREE INTERNATIONAL SMS then you have found it! – Go Slide!
    Go Slide!

  • Smsfi

    Nice List of free sms sites but you can also add on some other. Good job.

  • Steve M Nash

    You’ll find more free sms sites (with reviews) at my site, – feel free to use as source for this post (as long as you write your own reviews of course! 😉 )

  • Amarish Yadav

    Send unlimited free SMS up to 420 characters in any Indian Language. For More information Log On to .There are crowd of features that no other service (free or paid) provides. Some of them are given as: –

    1. Send free SMS up to 420 characters with more flexible user interface.
    2. Send Last forward SMS in one Click.
    3. Huge SMS collection like Goodnight, Friendship, Anniversary, Good Morning, Holi etc.
    4. Invite your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail , MSN ,face book, Orkut , India times, MySpace, hi5, Google CVC etc.
    5. Login with you exiting face book account.
    6. You can send SMS in any language. You can type & conversion is done simultaneously
    7. Send Greeting & E-card to wish your Friend.
    8. Block and unblock to receive SMS from any bhokalisms site user.
    9. Get SMS to every login attempt to secure your account.
    10. Check your Login history
    11. Send Future SMS, Private SMS, Public wall between Friends and Groups.
    12. Helps you quickly find someone special in your city, college or company.

  • amarishyadav

    check out to send unlimited Free SMS up to 440 Characters in any Indian language like English , Hindi, Bengali , Gujarati , Marathi , Malayalam , Oriya , Punjabi , Tamil , Telugu, Urdu, Nepali .

  • DeanG786

    Im using for my notes and i can also send sms globally.

  • amarishyadav

    try Registration : required SMS LIMIT : Unlimited SMS Maximum Words : 420 characters ( No Ads ) Language Support : send sms in 11 indian language . join it … and they are also gng to launch social n/w …………

  • Max is another good site for sending free sms worldwide.

  • TextingTech

    A lot of these sites are out of date. – is a newer site that supports free 2-way SMS, international texting and wirtual mobile numbers. Their delivery is fast and reliabel and they don’t puts ads at the end of the text.