Yay!! Microsoft has already issued its first patch for Windows 7 beta – patch for the mp3 corruption issue! The update fixes a flaw that shaves several seconds of audio from any MP3 file that’s edited, including files modified automatically as users connect to the Internet.

Microsoft has said – “Without action on your part, all MP3 files that have large headers in your Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center libraries are likely to lose some audio” 😐 From yesterday, Windows Update, Microsoft’s primary update service, began delivering the first patch to Windows 7. Before that the users had to manually search, download and install the patch. Ironically, Microsoft had this patch released for previous versions of the OS, but missed the patch when releasing the Windows 7 beta 😐


Those who are yet to upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista are advised to back up all MP3 files before doing an upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows Vista, and that they set all of them to “read-only” status by right-clicking each file in Windows Explorer and then clicking the General tab and selecting the “Read-only” box. Failing that, users should disable metadata automatic updates in Windows Media Player!

There has been a mixed response so far about Windows 7 beta download and installation. Watch this space for more details.

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