It’s been more than a month since I shifted from the crappy shared hosting from Lunarpages to amazing VPS Hosting from Knownhost. The journey has been pretty awesome till now.

Advantages of VPS hosting over Shared Hosting

vps hosting

  • Faster than shared hosting: significantly fewer people share a webserver, since everyone must get their guaranteed resources. If someone else uses 100 percent of their CPU time in their VPS, that does not affect on you.
  • Growth path – You can instantly increase the memory or cpu resources of your VPS hosting plan
  • Burstable – You can get more resources when you need them.
  • Manageability – You can manage your virtual completely isolated VPS with a control panel like cPanel/Plesk.
  • Your website files are totally isolated from everyone.
  • You can reboot your isolated CentOS server, without affecting others sharing your webserver.
  • The support team normally knows what they are supposed to do and the turn-around time is generally very less.

If you are looking for a good, reliable, cheap VPS host with awesome support & Sales team, you can look at KNOWNHOST. This is where I am hosting my VPS from and they have been really great right from moving my website from Lunarpages to optimizing the webserver and mysql database configurations.

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