Stock photos are a fundamental part of any web and graphic design. There are loads of stock photos services that offer high quality photos, however, the price is not always reasonable. The solution in this case is finding free stock photos something that isn’t always easy. In order to make this process easier I have compiled a list over the years with sites that offer free stock photos. 

free stock photos

I know this is a very crude way of listing sites, will rearrange when I find time, until then…

  1. EveryStockPhoto
  2. Flickr
  3. Stock.xchg
  5. ImageBase
  6. Morguefile
  8. AMG Media Works
  9. NOAA Photo Library
  10. Free Digital Photos
  11. Image After
  12. WP Clipart
  13. FreeJPG
  14. Unprofound
  15. GraphicsArena
  16. Four Bees
  17. Insect Images
  18. Free media Goo
  19. DexHaus
  20. Burning Well
  21. A digital Dreamer
  22. OpenPhoto
  23. Vintage Pixels
  24. Dreamstime
  25. Cepolina Photos
  26. Studio25
  27. Visipix
  28. Uncle Sam’s Photos
  30. Backgrounds Archive
  33. Freewebpics
  34. Pixel Galerie
  35. Lightmatter
  36. Majestic Imagery
  37. ArtFavor
  38. ImageTemple
  39. Gimp-Savy
  40. DeviantArt
  41. LogoDesignweb
  42. Fotodatebank
  43. Bajstock
  44. NationsIllustrated
  45. WebPhotoMart
  46. Pixelbag
  47. NWYH Stock Images
  48. NPS Digital Image Index
  49. Triparalbum
  50. Demny Onink
  51. Twice Pix
  52. AboutPixel
  53. Woophy
  54. Pixelquelle
  55. Litetek
  56. PIX
  57. TurboPhoto
  58. Free Range Stock
  59. PhotoCase
  60. tOfz
  61. Free Pixels
  62. Free Picture Click
  63. Fontplay
  64. Orangetrash
  65. Burning Well
  66. tOfz
  68. Creating Online
  69. UnProfound
  70. Abstract Influence
  71. Free Photo Station
  72. Cromavista
  73. Afflict
  74. Creativity 103
  75. The Photo Repository
  76. Aarin Free Photo
  77. Stockvault
  78. Designpacks
  79. FreeFoto
  80. Pixel Perfect Digital
  81. BigFoto
  83. Free Images
  84. Amygdela’s atmosphere
  85. Barry’s Free Photos
  86. ZURBphotos
  87. Photogen
  88. Amazing Textures
  89. Texture Warehouse
  90. PDPhoto
  91. Image Blowout
  92. Piotrpix
  93. Mandragora
  94. Fotogenica
  95. Mayang
  96. Wikimedia Commons

Know more websites? Let me know!


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  • Pavan Kumar

    That’s a really good list… stumbled :-)

  • Vancouver Olympics

    What about Wikimedia Commons?

    • Raju

      Thanks Vancouver, Will update

  • Harshad

    Great list. Stumbled and Dugg 😛

    • Raju

      whoa!! Thanks dude 😀

  • Banu

    Wonderful list bro,,, thank u so much

  • john milton

    Wow, I had no idea that some of those photo web sites existed…anyway thanks for sharing them…really helped me a lot…keep posting.

    • Raju

      Welcome to my blog :) am glad you found it useful!

  • DeAndre’

    46 is dead and 56 has been hacked (trojan horse).

    Otherwise, I’m going through and bookmarking all these treasures! Thanks!

  • Raju


    Thanks a lot for letting me know that. i have updated the post accordingly. It would be great if you can suggest more sites to be added here.

  • Cees

    The link for the Burning Well seems wrong….

  • Saw Htoo

    Great list.

    Here is another one.

    High resolution free photos for both personal and commercial projects without any restriction.

  • Michele

    I would be honored if you would include my site in your list. It shares vintage drawings and illustrations that are all in the public domain as per the Berne Convention standards.

  • adrianbj

    I am often looking for free environmental science themed high resolution photos and illustrations. The IAN Image Library is a fantastic source of both:

  • jareso

    Check also this database contains a tons of images, vectors and illustrations. Both free and commercial images are included as well.

  • Mayur

    This list is amazing, thanks for the list. I use a lot of free stock images.